BECO GLOBAL business profile

BECO GLOBAL is a consultancy, shipping and freight forwarding company, by means of road, rail, sea and air transport, additionally our business includes:

  • Sourcing products and commodities ensuring transparency in cross trade within supply chain process.
  • Consolidation of bulk goods, vehicle parts, personal effects or apparel items including antiques and other items on trade and within supply chain both nationally and internationally.
  • Arranging transportation, export and import documentation for all types of cargo from one country to another on behalf of shippers, manufacturers, importers, exporters, traders, buyers and sales agents.
  • Conducting inspection checks to ensure compliance to available trade agreements to countries of destinations and most importantly from original country.
  • Our experience in transportation and logistics allows us to provide independent and impartial services

Other services include consultancy expert witness services, testing and verification which is mandatory in the motor industry.

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