Motor Vehicle Shipping

With extensive experience of vehicle freight, BECO GLOBAL takes pride in car shipping. We cover all aspects of motor vehicle shipping ranging from inspection to working with countries who have restrictions upon entry, providing past and present expert reports from place of origin to export destination of every vehicle. We conduct inspection for vehicles (IVA) entering UK shores, from Japan, Canada, USA and the rest of the world. Using the Glassmatix approach, BECO GLOBAL is a key agent to businesses and traders worldwide. We oversee every process to make sure vehicles arrive at their destination safely and securely.

Using our extensive knowledge in the industry, we ship both new and used vehicles around the world. Our team is present for both the outbound and inbound processes anywhere in the world delivering best cross trade practice. Clearing a vehicle from place of origin to obtaining the correct paperwork to be used at the destination in motor shipping is important for the permanent export, temporary and supply franchise. From motor-homes to motorbikes, saloon cars to transit vans, we assist in all process in shipping of all types of vehicles whilst complying with rigorous industry standards and legislation. Additionally, we are insurance specialists, registered with Engineering Council of Britain to ensure the maintenance of standards and good practice.

Our high-quality RORO car shipping service is supported by a dedicated and experienced team who manage all aspects of paperwork involved in the process, including insurance and export customs clearance. Upon vehicle arrival in UK, we carry out NOVA applications, arrange IVA inspections and with vehicles in need of model reports we provide for your correct tax band of your car.

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